NTPC Successfully Concludes National Finale of Power Quiz 2024 and Medha Pratiyogita 2024 


Mumbai: NTPC hosted the National Finales of the Power Quiz 2024 and Medha Pratiyogita 2024 at the Power Management Institute (PMI), Noida, celebrating a remarkable journey of learning, knowledge sharing, and healthy competition among employees and their families.

A total of 1820 teams participated in these events, with 570 teams competing in the Power Quiz 2024 and 1250 teams competing in Medha Pratiyogita 2024.

Power Quiz, spanning 47 days, aimed to create an environment of learning and knowledge sharing among employees while enhancing awareness about developments in the energy sector.

The winners of the inaugural edition of NTPC Power Quiz 2024 were Shri Prag Sood from NTPC Telangana and Shri Harmeet Bagga from NTPC Ramagundam.

Whereas, Medha Pratiyogita 2024, featured quizzes in four different categories: Junior (Class IV to VI), Middle (Class VII to IX), Senior (Class X to XII), and Employees (including spouses). Teams were selected through preliminary rounds at the project and regional levels.

The winners of the Medha Pratiyogita 2024 final round are Neel Goswami & Avyan Garg from PUVNL, ER 1 (Junior), Rishabh Raj & Ishan Snehi from Vindhyachal, NR (Middle), Tanmay Verma & Shaurya Deep from Vindhyachal, NR (Senior), and Arindam Dhar & Satya Ranjan Mahapatra from North Karanpura, ER 1 (Employee) category.

The grand finale events were honoured by the presence of Shri C. Kumar, Executive Director (HR), along with Shri V. Jayanarayanan, GM (HR-Opn.), and Shri S.K. Majumdar, GM (PMI). Both the quizzes were conducted by the esteemed quizmaster Shri Gautam Bose from M/s Greycells.