CEOITBOX to Help 100 Indian Companies Get into Fortune 500: Sanjeev Jain

In the 21st century, technological development has transformed human life to such an extent that it is difficult to imagine a life without technology. Be it a business or life in general, technology has made it easier. It is that compelling weapon that helps nations & businesses grow rapidly.

Sanjeev Jain - CEOITBOX
Sanjeev Jain, Founder – TNS Networking Solutions

 Mr. Sanjeev Jain, an Indian business coach and founder of TNS (Technology Never Sleeps) Networking Solutions Pvt. Ltd. admires technology. He believes technology is a boon that makes life easier for every individual. With his thought leadership, he guides and trains the folks to set a benchmark in their relevant businesses.

In his recent talk with MediaCatalyst, Mr. Jain shares his journey and how he helps budding entrepreneurs to operate the business through their smartphones in a systematic way. 

Here are excerpts from the interaction with Mr. Sanjeev Jain.

Let us start by knowing you better. Tell us about your journey to becoming the Tech Guru of India?

I was always curious to know about innovative technological solutions from an early age. After graduation, I joined my family business of fragrance products. In this also I searched for the latest technology and brought automation from around the world for our manufacturing and business processes. With 25 years of experience, I have set-up about 7 companies till now that are running successfully. I have started my tech venture Technology Never Sleeps where we provide IT Infrastructure solutions such as networking, data centers, audiovisual collaboration, etc. to large corporates and PSUs to help them run their operations smoothly. Currently, I am focusing on my technology coaching venture CEOITBOX, where I train potential tycoons to use cutting edge technology to completely automate their business systems no matter how complex and run them from anywhere. 

What is CEOITBOX all about?

At CEOITBOX, we provide guidance and training to entrepreneurs from diverse domains on using technology to set up automated & repeatable systems for their respective businesses and run them with just their smartphones. Our goal is to liberate business owners from firefighting and routine work so they can concentrate on their passion and growth. Our mission at CEOITBOX is to build the next generation of Global Industry Leaders from India by helping them understand and utilize cutting edge technology which can lead to the growth and success of their businesses. 

You have worked with renowned brands and entrepreneurs. One project that is close to your heart and why?

I have trained more than 3000 entrepreneurs which include the directors and owners of companies like Okaya, Action, Virgo Laminates, Anmol Biscuits, etc to use edge technology to manage their business effortlessly, reduce costs and run it from anywhere with automation

One of the projects that I can relate to is that of CA Jagmohan Singh. When he first came to me for technology training he was providing regular CA Services such as audits, compliances, etc. After attending my program he was able to develop a system for financial compliance using our technology. In this system, he was providing entrepreneurs training and execution on 21 distinct points to ensure full compliance and a financial dashboard using which they could control each finance-related aspect of their business from anywhere. He grew from just 20-30 clients to over 400 clients in a very short time surpassing many of his bigger peers who have been in the industry for ages. 

I love this example as it shows that by using technology in the right way one can easily innovate their business model beyond traditional boundaries, service a much larger audience without having to invest crores. I want all entrepreneurs to transform their business models, get away from unprofitable busy work, and play a much larger game using the tools that are easily available to each one of us. 

Why do you think technological innovations are a boon for the growth of businesses?

In today’s time, technology is an integral part of all industries and sectors. Developments in the field of technology have amplified the pace of life, technology has allowed us to interact with each other in new ways and bring our imagination into reality. Technology has allowed businesses to add more value and convenience for consumers by acting as an alternative to the traditional way of buying commodities, services, payments, etc. When more and more products/services are becoming commodities, technological innovations allow businesses to differentiate themselves from others, sell more, and generate profits.

Floods, fires, lockdown, economic meltdown, etc – businesses these days face a continuously changing environment. Technology is the only thing that equips businesses with the flexibility and speed required to adapt to such an environment. Furthermore, with the advent of social media platforms, it is now possible for even a small business to buy and sell products globally and reach out to a far larger audience than they could have imagined just 10 years ago. 

How did technology evolve and help during the lockdown?

In this pandemic, the technology proved to be a saviour for a lot of businesses and start-ups. COVID-19 is a global crisis and has affected the lives and work of every individual across the world. Remote collaboration Technologies such as Cloud Office Suite and Video Conferencing allowed people to keep working from the safety of their homes. Telemedicine allowed doctors to conduct OPD sessions from mobile phones as people were afraid to visit hospitals.  

A huge number of retailers went online for the first time to allow them to continue their trade even during the pandemic. Innovations such as touchless attendance systems and health monitoring systems allowed airports, offices, factories to screen people for the disease to protect others from being infected. Robotic innovations such as Automated Cafe’s, Robot Cooks, Robotic Deliveries also gained traction during these times. 

Pandemic forced the early maturity of these technologies that were earlier being used only occasionally. The role of technology will continue to grow in the future as every industry and sector will embrace technology now more than ever as learning from the pandemic. As the world continues to face threats not only from pandemics but also from other disasters like floods, fires, pollution, earthquakes, etc technological evolution will provide solutions to counter such situations. 

What is your vision for CEOITBOX? 

My vision at CEOITBOX to help at least 100 Indian companies get into the Fortune 500 by helping them use cutting edge technology. We are trying to bridge a big education gap. Despite attending 15 to 17 years of education the Indian entrepreneurs continue to struggle with the same issues to basic business problems like – how to set up a business, put together a team, get them to work efficiently, get orders, get the delivery done on time, get payments, etc. We endeavor to give them the necessary tools and success templates that allow them to get the basic business issues out of the way so they can focus their attention away from routine problems and fire fighting towards more important growth activities like innovation, design, and value addition. 

In today’s time, it is important to stand out from the crowd by developing innovation using technology. I have a growing team of Tech lovers who are passionate about finding new and innovative uses of commonly available Technology.