Indian App Ecosystem Witnessing a Stream of New Entrants

The Indian app ecosystem is gathering steam, ever since about 224 Chinese apps were banned due to security reasons, by the Indian government. The call for Atmanirbhar Bharatby Prime Minister Narendra Modi also boosted the morale of the country’s entrepreneurs.

Some of the finest and hardworking are venturing into creating consumer-friendly utility apps and social media platforms which are ingenuine, safe, and Indian! These apps are offering a cutting-edge user experience, new-age technology, and some are even proving to be a reliable alternative to the banned apps. The consumer is also supporting these businesses to go ‘Vocal for Local’. 

The beauty of this developing ecosystem is that it is made in India for the world! From Kaagaz Scanner to Mitron TV, the latest Indian apps are getting lapped up by users from around the globe. The Indian apps have already seen thousands to millions of downloads. 

Some Indian apps which are popular around the world:

Kaagaz Scanner: An Indian app which has successfully plugged the gap created by the ban of CamScanner (a Chinese document scanning app), Kaagaz Scanner has seen over 10,00,000 downloads since its launch in June 2020. Built by Ordenado Labs, it is a utility app that helps phone scan documents as PDFs or JPGs. One can simply use the phone camera as a scanner, with this app. 

Mitron TV: Mitron TV is a short-video sharing platform, quite similar to the Chinese app TikTok which has been banned in by the Indian government recently. Even before TikTok was banned, Mitron TV had started making inroads into the hearts of the users. With over 37 million installs already, this short-video sharing platform is one of the most popular choices for Gen Z.

Explurger: A made in India app, Explurger is a new-age social media app, that allows people to connect, socialise as well as make memories. It is being called India’s answer to Facebook. However, it offers several original features such as Bucket List, Travelogue, Counting miles, and more, that go beyond the traditional social media. Since the launch in Aug, Explurger has seen over 50,000 installs from people from more than 50 countries, on both Android and iOS.

Why is it essential to encourage New Entrants?

With the PM’s call to become self-reliant, it’s evident that India’s vision is to become self-sufficient in every sector. It will only bolster India’s economy and position as the world leader. At the same time, it would immediately create jobs. Right now, India relies majorly on foreign technology for its daily needs in various sectors such as communication, entertainment, or utility apps.

According to a recent study on the top used applications by Indian consumers, WhatsApp Ranks #1, Facebook at #2, and YouTube at #3. The study found out that none of the top 10 apps come from the Indian stables.

Therefore, it becomes immensely important and urgent to throw our weight behind Indian businesses, technology, and apps! Supportive government policies and support from consumers will create a conducive environment for home-grown apps. It will boost the Indian app ecosystem, resulting in a significant Indian cyber system thereby protecting the sovereignty of the nation, besides generating jobs and bolstering the country’s position as a global leader.

What is in store for the Future?

The Indian app ecosystem is principally driven by millennials and Gen Z.They spend an average of 4-7 hours a day (that is 1/3rd of their waking hours) on their smartphones either for entertainment, gaming, utility, or socializing. In such a scenario, this generation is continuously looking for new ways to keep them occupied or apps that fulfill their dynamic ‘digital’ needs.

Therefore, the future belongs to those Indian entrepreneurs who will tirelessly work towards innovation to cater to the ever-changing needs of the users. However, an immediate growth opportunity lies in plugging the void that has created as a result of authorities banning about 224 apps that had security issues. Then again, only those Indian apps which are fit to compete with the international apps will survive and sustain.

About the Author

Jitin Bhatia, Founder, Explurger

Passionate about technology and building brands, Jitin Bhatia, 40, is the proud founder of Explurger, India’s very own new-age social media platform for the global audience. Jitin, a business leader, always aspired to give Indians a global platform where they can share their stories, connect with people, show off the miles they have travelled or make a travelogue on the go.