Gyan Dairy Expands its Portfolio with Indian Sweets

Gyan Dairy, the leading manufacturer and supplier of milk products in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has been very dynamic in acquiring the dairy market in the region and fast-paced with its expansion plans. It boasts of a diverse portfolio of 17 delightfully fresh, pure, and delicious dairy products, prepared using the milk supplied directly by 100,000+ dairy farmers.

Mr. Jai Agarwal, Managing Director and Mr. Anuj Agarwal, Managing Director - Gyan Dairy
Mr. Jai Agarwal, Managing Director and Mr. Anuj Agarwal, Managing Director – Gyan Dairy

Recently, the dairy brand launched a campaign ‘Vishwaas se bhara’ with the Faridkot band. Mr. Jai Agarwal and Mr. Anuj Agarwal, Managing Directors, Gyan Dairy standing tall and holding the success of the brand have been given the credit for the campaign.

Read what they have to say.

Tell us a little about your campaign ‘Vishwaas se bhara’. 

Gyan Diary is the most preferred dairy brand in the state of UP and has become synonymous with purity and consistent quality of dairy products. We believe that freshness and purity are more than a choice, hence at Gyan, we focus on quality and hygienically packed dairy products by following stringent quality checks. 

Believing in this brand philosophy and our commitment to adhere to this, we build our campaign “Vishwaas se Bhara” with a motive to apprise our consumers about our pure, hygienic, and safely packed dairy product. All our campaigns are focused on educating consumers about the importance of hygienically packed dairy products, which are full of trust and honesty.

Recently, for the Kanpur launch, we associated with leading Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai, whose personality reflects trust and honesty, and it completely resonates with our brand philosophy –‘Vishwaas Se Bhara’. 

Gyan Dairy is a leading dairy supplier and aims to be a household name in UP. Which other regions are you planning to target to expand?

Gyan Dairy, headquartered at Lucknow, has been very aggressive in its expansion and quite bullish. Presently, we have two processing units located in Lucknow & Banaras that takes care of the supply of the region. 

As part of our growth strategy, we recently established ourselves in Kanpur as Kanpur has always been our dream market and an important one when it comes to dairy. 

We are looking forward to establishing ourselves as one of the key players in the Kanpur market and moving towards Bihar with Northeast being our focus market with the retail products. We vision ourselves as a billion-dollar company by 2025, enabling us to expand our footprint in the east, which is still to be explored. 

Why did you choose the Faridkot band for your anthem? 

Gyan’s association with the Faridkot band is an extension of the campaign ‘Vishwaas se Bhara’ highlighting the expansion of the brand in UP. The anthem, sung by popular band Faridkot reinforces the brand’s essence and position of trust. At such an unprecedented time, the family consumes what it trusts the most – and this becomes even more accurate with dairy choices. One has to be 100% sure of quality, purity, and hygiene at the same time and live up to consumers’ expectations, and Gyan is committed to delivering this every single day.

An anthem has always been categorized as an uplifting means of communicating a message and Faridkot just delivered that. We spent days trying to manifest a thought to convey our brand philosophy of trust and purity, and this lyrical manifestation “KUCH AISA VISHWAS CHUNO” with popular band Faridkot was born. 

Today consumers are more conscious about their source of dairy supply and Gyan works relentlessly to raise the bar with its multiple quality check and uncompromised taste. We have developed our campaign keeping this in mind. With engaging lyrics and music, the idea here is to make this anthem modern, youthful and relatable like the Faridkot band.

Faridkot band was chosen to compose the anthem for Gyan considering the purity and honesty associated with the band. The band is known for composing songs that are real and pure, once you build the taste for it, there is no going back just like Gyan Dairy products.

You have recently launched an Indian sweets range. What was the idea behind this step?

In a culture-rich country like India, Mithai is an expression of happiness on any special occasion or festival celebration. Meetha is deeply rooted in Indian traditions and the Indian sweets market is largely dominated by halwais (traditional confectioner). However, this COVID pandemic has spiked consumer interest towards packaged products from trusted brands especially in the case of food items. Understanding this need and backed by the tagline – Vishwaas Se Bhara, Gyan Dairy introduces ANDAAZ, a range of Indian sweets (Mithai) for its discerning consumers.

Along with Gyan’s assurance of quality and hygienically packed products under a controlled environment, the range offers a combination of Indian sweets from KajuKatli to famous Peda in a beautiful gift box. The Andaaz product range includes – Kaju Katli, Mathura Peda, Chhena Kheer, and Misthi Doi. Through this launch, Gyan aims to bring back the tradition of gifting traditional sweets (mithai) safely and hygienically.