Amp Up Your Beauty Regime with mCaffeine’s Coffee & Cocoa Rich Products

The market is full of brands promoting personal care products but how often do you come across products that are cruelty-free, clean, and don’t sell insecurities or fairness products. Rarely right? Meet mCaffeine, a new-age brand catering to the younger audience and India’s first caffeinated personal care brand.

Co-founded by Mr. Tarun Sharma and Mr. Vikas Lachhwani in 2016, the brand has served more than half a million customers since its inception. Loaded with the goodness of coffee, choco, and green tea, their range of products is a breath of fresh air. Now you can feed your skin with what you eat.

  • mCaffeine Coffee face mask-1
  • mCaffeine - Coffee face mask

Raw and rich, mCaffeine’s coffee face mask spreads evenly on the skin and leaves you behind with soft and smooth skin. Unlike many others, it doesn’t need to be applied in more quantity as it spreads nicely. It clears the pores and gives you a glowing and clean face.

mCaffeine - Coffee face serum

Top it up with their coffee face serum that is hydrating especially in the harsh winters and comes with antioxidant benefits though it needs to be applied more than pea-sized. Non-sticky and with coffee in its heart, the product cleanses well, and combined with the face mask, removes all the impurities and dirt.

Naked pleasures as the ranges are called, the aroma of coffee and cocoa is bound to take you into another world and give you a soothing experience. The PETA certified vegan brand has got its game strong. Chocolate and coffee are a combination made in heaven and hard to resist. Imagine if you could have it in your beauty regime. Absolutely dreamy.

mCaffeine - Coffee body scrub

The coconut oil-infused mCaffeine’s coffee body scrub is really fine compared to many other scrubs and exfoliates well. Easy to scrub, it doesn’t feel rough on application and enhances your showering experience. The products can give you the best spa-at-home feels while nourishing your skin and making you look more radiant than ever.

mCaffeine pays detailed attention to its packaging and is a firm believer in ethics and environmental sustainability. All their products are user friendly and come in double-layered cardboard boxes, wooden spoons/spatulas, recycled plastic, and glass bottles.  

Focussed on Millenials, this promising brand has recently raised 42 crore funding and aims to become a 500 cr company in the next few years. Presently it stands at 100 cr since its launch.

Holding a strong belief that beauty has no color or gender and it’s all about well-being, mCaffeine products are suitable for both the sexes and promote self-care for everyone. It’s a brand for the bold, young and confident, a little of each that we all need. This year has taught us many things adopting healthier skin and hair care routine is surely something that we can add to the list. They got us on coffee and choco is all that we can say.

Check out their range at Also available with leading e-commerce sellers.

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