Wellness and Mental Health in Daily Life

Author: Dr. Bhavi Mody, Founder – Vrudhi HolisticHealth Care.

Wellness is a complete state of well-being a balanced state of Mind – Body – Soul, but unfortunately very few of us understand this.

All our reports are perfect, but we still don’t feel good…

We think of spas and other therapies for wellness. However, the emphasis should be on how we feel, it has to do with us and our surroundings. It’s about your well-being.

Wellness can never be achieved by isolating ourselves…

Replace the “I”; from Illness with “We” and we will have Wellness. Wellness is all about you, and how you feel.  This is something I, Dr. Bhavi Mody, founder of Vrudhi HolisticHealth Care wants everyone to think about.

In our daily life how often do we stop by to ask ourselves how are we feeling today?

Every individual is caught in the rigmarole of everyday routines, competition, keeping up with the ever-increasing pressure at places of work, study, home, eventually leads to stress, mental fatigue, burnout and a host of lifestyle disease.

Being a strong advocate of mental health and being a co-founder of a Mental health company has led me to understand that almost 80% of illnesses are psychosomatic in nature.

Our emotions, thoughts, feelings and action play an important role in our wellness and mental health.

Let me share 5 tools that will make you improve your mental health and wellness quotient.

1. Have a Routine.

Our bodies have a biological clock ticking all the time and the circadian rhythm manages to keep us healthy and fit. Mess with it and our body will ask us to pay for it. Having a set routine helps us become more productive, feel energetic and stay happy. All we have to do is sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Shower and have a good breakfast and plan our day ahead. Make time for our exercise as it releases those happy hormones and makes us Sleep well.

Data from a recent study shows that the average Indian sleeps for just 6.5 hours a night and 46% of Indians get less than 6 hours of sleep a night.

Lack of sleep may lead to hypertension, Diabetes, obesity etc

Less sleep more burnout poor efficiency, so a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep helps you and your body rejuvenate.

2. Focus on Self – No harm being a little Selfish.

Have some ME time every day. We are always trying to please others. Its time to please ourselves, isn’t it? A friend of mine very nicely told me once during our conversation, “what you are asking us to do is not being Selfish but ‘SelfIshq’ this word “SelfIshq” meaning love thyself has stayed with me.

Wake up in the morning and look at the mirror – Do you see that beautiful person; Yes hug yourself tight and say ‘I Love You’ and see your day change. When your morning is right, your day is right.

Also, learn to say ‘ No’ assertively. It’s not impolite to say “No”. Do it, when required and save yourself from the stress that might come with the “Yes”.

3. Weed out the Suckers – Remove Toxic Relationships.

Relationships are never perfect! They are not meant to be.

Now, take any relationship personal or professional. If it makes you happy, energetic, look forward to it, relaxed, and more importantly, allows you to be yourself, it’s a great place to be.

Now think of a relationship, where you are not yourself, you feel anxious, you are drained of your energies, you feel like hell then these are toxic.

If you feel, you are into any toxic Relationships, think about it and look at making life easier for you.

4. Be Grateful and Kind – Empathy is joy limitless.

Gratitude is not merely a thank you action, it’s a positive emotion! Gratitude helps you acknowledge how others influence your life positively in the smallest way, be it your pet, your maid or your mom, just anyone.

Everyone plays a role to make a positive impact on our lives and make this world a better place to live, making your life a tad easy, isn’t it?

Think about it, when you wake up your coffee is ready, courtesy- your mom, maid, husband, or wife simply anyone isn’t this wonderful.

Having empathy makes you look at the world with a different lens, your perspective to life changes and the joy that it brings will help you keep smiling for Life.

5. We are what we Eat- Eat Right!

We all know the fact that our food has an effect on our moods, mental health and wellness. Chocolate is categorized as a mood enhancer and in our boredom or to feel better we grab on to sugary foods, but did you know a healthy diet is protective and an unhealthy diet is a risk factor for depression and anxiety?

Nutritional Psychiatry according to Harvard is paying attention to how eating different foods makes you Feel – not just for the moment but the next day too.

Eat a balanced wholesome meal with a good amount of protein, an added dose of fruits and vegetables and keep the caffeine low. Don’t miss on your prebiotic and probiotic foods, your gut health is your gateway to your mental health.

Well, Wellness and Mental health are in our hands and we can work towards it daily!

Let’s choose to be healthy and happy!

About the Author

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Dr Bhavi Mody is a Health Evangelist and Homeopathic Specialist, working relentlessly to cure health ailments in women and children. She is the founder of Vrudhi HolisticHealth Care and aspires to make healthcare affordable and convenient. Her mission is to Educate Women to become Health Ambassadors to empower them to raise Healthy kids

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