Paree Changing the Love Narrative with #PyaarKaPeriod

On Valentine’s Day this year, Paree launched #PyaarKaPeriod with celebrity couple Prince and Yuvika. The narrative illustrated the role of a man in the relationship in understanding his partners needs and being there for her when she experiences her period.

While talking to MediaCatalyst, Mr. Sahil Dharia, CEO, Soothe Healthcare talks about the idea behind the video.

Here are the excerpts from the interaction.

The recent #PyaarKaPeriod video launched received unprecedented response. What was the motivation behind the video?

The general idea of the Valentine’s Day is to dress up in best outfits and go out on romantic dates, but a real relationship is when the partner understands and cares for her by knowing how to comfort her during her periods.

 The beautiful relationship of Prince and Yuvika shown in the video were a treat to the eyes. How did you zero-down on them for video?

 It was important for us that the message reaches as many people as possible, that a healthy relationship is all about support and communication. Prince and Yuvika as a couple share that sweet chemistry where they have lots of respect and care for each other. So, we thought of collaborating with someone like them who are youth icons but also remain very relatable and approachable.  

Love these days has been limited to chocolates, flowers and the magical 3 words that are spoken very frequently than are meant. What are your thoughts on this?

 The cultural observation is that the benchmark of love is usually considered knowing the “important days” – birthday, anniversary etc however, we feel Love goes beyond these days into the everyday realities. Love is in the everyday things like knowing your partner’s period date and caring for her during the same.

Can we expect more such videos highlighting the many avatars of the modern Indian woman and pedestalling her issues?

We at Paree believe that there are multiple avatars of the modern Indian woman and so, making a positive difference in her life through our products and communication has been one of the biggest goals of the company. And will remain so in the future.