K9 Healers Creates Livelihood Advancement Opportunities for Underprivileged and Marginalised Individuals

New Delhi: K9 Healers, India’s leading institution dedicated to training therapy and service dogs for individuals with disabilities and developmental challenges, has launched a new initiative aimed at enhancing livelihoods for the marginalised and underprivileged. The foundation will collaborate with individuals and organisations specialising in skill development to offer pet carerelated training. This program aims to improve both the quality of life and economic prospects of people interested in the field, and ensure that dogs are entrusted in the right hands.

Since its inception, the K9 Healers has been at the forefront of innovative practices in dog training and rehabilitation. The new initiative aims to regulate and capitalise on the untapped pet care market, creating more employment opportunities, while fostering a new generation of pet care professionals who possess genuine understanding and empathy towards animals.

Teesta Rajan, Director, K9 Healers, said “It’s fascinating to see the growth of India’s pet care market and the increasing number of pet owners. We aim to partner with K9 School to train and certify individuals for working with dogs. By addressing the gap in qualified professionals, this initiative not only supports the growing demand but also ensures the well-being of animals. Overall, our approach aims to build a sustainable model, in addition to fostering social inclusion and animal welfare, making a significant impact on both communities and the pet care industry in India.”

Adnaan A Khan, the brain behind K9 Healers and Strategic Advisor, “Creating a new economy centred around dog-related services, especially through training and certifying individuals from underprivileged and rural communities, is not only innovative but also socially impactful. By focusing on roles such as grooming assistants, dog boarding managers, veterinary assistants, and technicians who understand and care for dogs, you’re addressing a critical gap in the market.”

The initiative by K9 Healers to provide training and immediate employment opportunities not only empowers individuals by giving them valuable skills but also meets the increasing demand for skilled
professionals in the pet care industry. Moreover, by nurturing a workforce that genuinely cares for animals, you’re setting a high standard for pet care and welfare,” he further added.

K9 Healers Foundation also focuses on several other initiatives, including:

  1. Therapy Dogs Program: A multifaceted program inviting the community to bring their dogs
    and volunteer, training them under the K9 Healers banner to become certified therapy dogs.
  2. Rescue Dog to Super Dog: The R2D-S2D program introduces a groundbreaking approach that
    extends beyond the traditional rescue, sterilisation, and rehabilitation of dogs. Under this
    initiative, we focus on training rescued and formerly homeless dogs to become therapy dogs
    before facilitating their adoption into suitable families. If a dog is unable to find a home,
    despite being trained, it becomes an integral part of the K9 Healers dog-therapy team,
    contributing to our mission of enhancing human well-being through canine companionship.