Plant-based Diet Improves Metabolic Profile of Women with PCOD/PCOS: Deepak Khicha

The preventive healthcare and wellness market is rising at a considerable rate. Going by the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, people are investing heavily in healthier foods, changing lifestyles, and focusing on holistic well being. There is a spur in the consumption of protein powders to balance the daily intake. From whey to plant-based vegan ones, these supplements are giving a helping hand when it comes to many lifestyle diseases but only with proper consumption guidance.

Deepak Khicha

Mr. Deepak Khicha chose to make passion, his way of living that gave birth to his baby, Aarnix Healthsciences. An innovator and manufacturer of the finest Vegan Protein powders and functional foods to provide balanced nutrition, Mr. Khicha shares his rich experience in the wellness and preventive healthcare space.

Excerpts from the interaction with Mr. Khicha:

Protuff is here to revolutionize the health & fitness industry in India. Tell us about your latest offerings, the plant-based protein.

Protuff offers a range of products for vegans, vegetarians, and whatever-atarian you are! Whether you are a professional, busy mom, athlete, or student, our products provide you a convenient way to add extra nutrition to your active day. We are a proud launcher of India’s first-ever Vit- C Oral / sublingual spray, which is a novel drug delivery system, with natural ingredients like Amla, Turmeric, Licorice, Acelora, and Orange peel. 

Protuff Plant Protein is a blend of multisource plant protein derived from European Peas, Brown rice, Indian Ginseng (ashwagandha). It’s clinically researched OxyjunTM, a Heart performance booster has proven a 5.6% increase in the heart’s blood pumping capacity & 93.4% of subjects exercised longer without exhaustion. Supergreens blend, including space-food Spirulina, is a rich source of Antioxidants and Omegas. It’s one serving of 30g delivers a whopping 25g of complete protein with 5.7g essential BCAAs. It is a hypoallergenic, easy to digest product with zero sugar & cholesterol. Available in three delicious flavors Belgian Chocolate, Café Mocha, and Vanilla!

How does this range of Products help in controlling PCOD, Diabetes, and obesity, a new lifestyle disease that is on the rise? 

For women with PCOD, increasing dietary protein and Vitamin C may be a helpful strategy for preventing weight gain, pre-diabetes, and type-2 diabetes- all complications of the condition. Protein provides the building blocks for the bones, muscles, skin, and blood, making you feel satiated. Plant Protein also helps facilitate digestion and metabolism and plays an integral role in the synthesis of hormones that are often impaired in women PCOD. This should be complemented by a relatively lower intake of carbohydrates. Clinical studies have proven that a plant-based diet, which is relatively low in carbohydrates and comprising monosaturated fats, improves the metabolic profile of Women with PCOD/PCOS.

Protuff Plant protein, with zero sugar and natural stevia, may help in lowering blood glucose postprandial and may improve overall glucose control in patients with normal kidney functions.

The Protuff Plant high-protein accelerates the metabolism of the body and burns the stored fats, helping lose weight. Plant Protein is a slow-digesting protein and it keeps you satiated for a longer time, helping reduce your calories and thus helps weight loss.

Aarnix Healthsciences prides itself on being transparent. Are protein powders recommended for daily use? 

Our main objective is to provide clean products to help gain good health and immunity. We follow the policy of being transparent about our offerings, to be close to nature, and to bring out the importance of the hidden gem herbs for your healthy living. 

Your body needs proteins for everything from immune function, metabolism, and weight management to muscle repair, growth development, and performance. Protein requirements vary from 0.8g per kg per day for non- active adults to 1.4g – 1.8g per kg per day for athletes. The main role of protein is to build and repair tissue. For athletes, protein serves as a substitute for exercise performance and as a catalyst for exercise adaption. It also helps to preserve lean mass and promote satiety.  

What do you suggest to ensure wellness and preventive healthcare while staying at home?

It is certainly not possible to get all the nutrients from your diet, but it also might not be the easiest or most palatable thing for some people. So protein powder can be a great help to add more protein into the diet to fulfill the RDA. Protuff Plant Protein powder is the lowest- effort, highest efficiency way to get 40% of your daily allowance, with a single scoop in the morning. It is crucial to space out your balance 60% protein intake throughout the day, through other food sources. 

Aarnix Healthsciences launched an immunity Kit recently. How does it help to fight Covid-19?

Aarnix Healthsciences introduces a wholesome Immunity Kit to fight Covid-19 and other seasonal viral infections. It has three important products namely, Plant Protein, Vit-C Sublingual Spray, and Immunity Booster Veg Capsules.

Protuff Plant Protein offers a blend of multisource plant-based protein derived from European Peas, Brown rice, Ashwagandha. It has clinically researched Terminalia Arjuna and Supergreens blend which is a rich source of Antioxidants and Omegas. 

Protuff Vitamin C- Mouthspray offers the first-ever in India, Vitamin C Sublingual Spray, which is about 10 times better than the normal dosage as a tablet. This is because there is no first-pass metabolism. It shows better efficacy as there is no hindrance to food or other drugs present in the stomach, as it is sublingually absorbed. It has Amla, turmeric, Licorice. It also serves as a mouth freshener and for curing Hangover. 

Protuff Immunity Booster Capsules has Echinacea which is a powerful herb used by people around the world as an immune stimulator. Elderberry is highly recommended to help prevent and ease cold. Acerola is extremely rich in vitamin C. Zinc citrate has the immense immunoregulative capacity and fights infections. Its Vitamin D is from a veg source, which helps activate Killer Cells in the body’s immune system and improves bone health. 

Your health regime is an inspiration for many. Would you like to share a few tips for our readers?

Health is an optimum balance of a Happy mind and an energetic body. All illnesses are psychosomatic, so it is important to keep your mind calm and composed if you wish to have a disease-free body.

  • Do yoga exercises, meditation, or walk religiously.
  • Whenever possible, avoid the elevator and take the staircase.
  • Diseases thrive in an acidic pH, so keep your body alkalized with lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar. 
  • Try to finish dinner by sunset – energy from the Sun helps indigestion.
  • Give your system rest for overhauling itself by periodic intermittent/full fasting.

Respect nature and it’s laws. With a plant-based diet, you have the power to “change the climate in your plate”.