Online Beauty and Grooming Training – Survival or a New Normal?

Author: Neha Suradkar, Founder, Style-n-File Makeup and Nail Studio and Academy.

Training and upskilling have always been an essential part of the beauty industry. There is a huge demand for well-trained beauty therapists, makeup artists, nail technicians, spa therapist etc. Also, with new products and procedures introduced frequently, upgrading and upskilling is a must for existing industry people. Covid-19 has affected all businesses in some way or the other. Beauty and Salon industry has taken a big setback along with other industries. But as in most other sectors, learning and training is something that has taken a big leap in the beauty industry also. Learning has taken the online route everywhere. Everyone has been consuming content online like never before.

While training in certain areas can completely go online and can stay that way even when things go back to as they were before COVID times, there are certain industries where face to face and the hands-on training was preferred- beauty being one of them. 

Once the Lockdown was enforced, even beauty training took the online route. A lot of trainers and beauty schools started their online modules to help those who wanted to utilize their time in lockdown by upskilling.

There are various pros and cons of Online Training in Beauty.

Pros of Online Beauty Training

  1. A larger audience can be reached.
  2. A trainer or an institute can reach out to students located in remote places. 
  3. Reduction in travel and other expenses.
  4. Flexible learning options from the comfort of your home.
  5. A student may not leave his/her current job to learn something new
  6. A more cost-effective option for students as well as a trainer as minimal infrastructure is required.
  7. With so many platforms available, the online virtual classroom can be created.

Cons of Online Beauty Training

  1. Students will have to buy their own products to practice at their home
  2. Networking with fellow students may not happen as effectively as it would in physical meetings
  3. One has to be more disciplined and keep up the motivation to take up the online course and be regular with it, especially the ones which you can do on your pace.

So, What’s Next?

Going by the current situation and increasing number of cases, we are not yet sure on when things will go back to pre COVID times. Also, there are varied opinions on whether it is a good idea to bring a lot of people together at one place for training is advisable or not, at least till the time vaccine is out or there’s a cure for COVID. So in this situation, schools, trainers and students can make most of this time but conducting and attending online classes. In future also, Beauty schools and independent trainers will have an option of keeping both modes of training on- offline for local students and online for outstation students.

Eventually, either we will be back to offline teaching and training, or will work on evolving the online training, which will then become the new normal, but for now, it is the only way of survival!

About the Author

Neha Suradkar is the founder of Style-n-File Makeup and Nail Studio and Academy. She is a Makeup & Nail artist, educator, Style Coach and Etiquette Trainer.

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