How the Coronavirus pandemic opened new avenues for hygiene brands

As the nation grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, the hygiene market sees hope in reinventing itself to cater to a new basket of needs. The mindfulness of maintaining one’s health and hygiene has increased tenfold and it has become a priority in the lives of people across the globe. Owing to the heightened consciousness about cleanliness, new importance has been given to maintaining both personal and environmental hygiene. Preventive care is recognized as a way to reduce the chances of infection; therefore, consumers are investing more in hygiene products to ensure their safety.

One’s hygiene often takes a backseat in everyday life as we tend to only pay attention to a health issue once it arises. However, maintaining personal hygiene daily is very important to keep the body clean and healthy. Many individuals fail to pay heed to the many infections that can be contracted through the surroundings that we come in contact with daily. However, now with health at the cornerstone of fighting the virus, the world is recognizing the importance of personal hygiene. With people becoming much more health-conscious and with a focus on their wellness, the willingness to spend wallet share on items of personal hygiene has gone up and seen a surge in demand.

Hygiene brands are seizing this opportunity and riding on the renewed surge by expanding their expertise to cater to the escalating needs of consumers. They are introducing innovative products while newer brands are also entering the personal hygiene space. From sanitizers and masks to sanitary pads and diapers, personal hygiene products have gained a newfound value in our lives, and several companies are getting on the bandwagon to supply these products.

As the coronavirus has unfortunately mutated and continues to affect more people and even small children now, parents are now more cautious about the hygienic needs of their kids. Taking this into consideration, they are using the latest innovations to create baby hygiene products that are comforting and functional for both, the parents, and the kids. Minimizing the stresses of parenting, brands are introducing diapers that are endowed with features like Super Bubble Technology making them more absorbent, so babies are less susceptible to infections, as well as Wetness Indicators for parents to easily track and ensure babies are not wearing soiled diapers. They are also launching disruptive concepts like ultra-thin diapers that are super comfortable and gentle for babies and help them stay active especially in a hot weathered country like India.

Although the experience and the hardships associated with the coronavirus pandemic will continue to dwell even in the post-pandemic world, it will ensure that the sustained focus on personal hygiene and wellness will continue. People will invest in a more health-conscious lifestyle and maintain a wholesome approach in every aspect of their lives. The enhanced awareness of hygiene and sanitation is here to stay as people will take every possible precaution to protect themselves from any viral infections. Therefore, hygiene brands will continue to see high demand with a host of opportunities for them to explore.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly looking to identify with brands and products that they can trust, and brands that are inventive and uniquely meet the expectations of their users will become hugely significant in this new normal. The vision that they will work towards is to be household brands serving every man and woman with products that will subsequently have a tremendous positive impact on health, hygiene, and wellness in India.

About the Author

Sahil Dharia

Sahil Dharia, founder and Chief Executive of Soothe Healthcare, known for its flagship brands Paree Sanitary Pads and Super Cute’s diaper, is a global executive turned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience setting up, scaling & leading – Financial Services business with a multinational and as well as a consumer goods (FMCG) venture. Hewon the Global CEO’s Award of Excellence for successfully leading strategic change management programs as part of the $ 6 bn merger of Thomson Reuters across Business & HR functions in India.

Sahil is also a founder member of India Disposable Hygiene Forum (IDHF), which is a professional platform for manufacturers and brand owners of feminine health and hygiene products. A charter member of TiE startup community, a FICCI Young Leader & on the Executive Council of CII Young Indians.