Antiquity Natural Mineral Water unveils ‘Antiquity Discoveries’

Antiquity Natural Mineral Water, in an initiative, has collaborated with The Plated Project, bringing together an ensemble of talented artists together, to bring to life untold stories of 4 cities in India. In a specially curated, exquisite collection, each artwork, guided by the Heron, evokes untold stories and symbols of culture, that makes each of the cities unique. 

This collection – made of exquisite plates, water bottles and coasters – has been crafted by artists who have taken inspiration from the cities they live in, and their discovery of new perspectives and symbols that make each of these cities unique. Artist Aashti Miller takes the ever-changing spirit of Mumbai, the City of Dreams, along with its unique symbols, such as bustling lanes, to create her rendition of this collection. Similarly, Kolkata is brought alive through its poetic alleys and the diversity of the people that make the city. Goa is brought alive with its rich confluence of the Portuguese and Konkan history. And Jaipur, the Pink city, is discovered beyond its palaces and archways, by showcasing its regal tapestry. These artworks let you explore these places and live the untold stories through a heron’s perspective. Aashti Miller, Varshini Ramakrishnan, Surabhi Banerjee, and Lekha Shastry are the creative minds behind the artwork for Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, and Jaipur respectively.

The Plated Project collaborates with global artists to create art-led initiatives and limited-edition functional home decor products that spark conversations on pressing social issues. This partnership features limited-edition merchandise featuring plates, coasters and water bottles, and 50% of the sale goes to a social impact project within the world of art and artists.

Speaking about the initiative, Varun Koorichh, Vice President and Portfolio Head, Marketing, Diageo India said, “‘Antiquity Discoveries’ has a unique character and designed for the new generation of ‘forever curious’ consumers, who are continuously on a quest for discovery beyond the ordinary. This initiative nudges consumers to look at India through new eyes, represented through a Heron, experience untold stories of the many cities and towns of India, and highlight the cultural symbols that might ordinarily escape our notice. We have teamed up with The Plated Project and its talented artists to seamlessly integrate their artistic prowess into our vision, as ‘Antiquity Discoveries’ inspires people to celebrate fresh, new perspectives and widen their worldview.”

Aashti Miller, Mumbai Artist shares her thoughts “As an architect and illustrator, my journey of discovering Mumbai is deeply rooted in the interplay of perspectives – from the intricate lanes below to the expansive rooftops above. ‘Antiquity Discoveries’ allowed me to infuse the worm’s eye and bird’s eye views into my artwork, capturing the essence of a city in constant metamorphosis. The juxtaposition of a tiffin box against iconic architecture and the curiosity sparked by the play of scale evokes a nostalgic journey through the ever-changing memory of Mumbai. This collaboration is a celebration of untold stories and the vibrant spirit of discovery.”

Chitresh Sinha, Founder, The Plated Project “The Plated Project’s focus has always been to create art that tells meaningful stories. Collaborating with talented artists, we love transforming everyday objects into story filled works of art. Our recent collaboration with Antiquity Natural Mineral Water, a brand centered on art and discovery, is undeniably remarkable. This partnership is more than just a creative union; it symbolizes a positive alliance built upon shared values and a profound commitment to harnessing the power of art as a transformative force for good in the world. These plates will also be available at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival which is one of the largest art festivals of our country.”

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