5 Tips for the “Work From Home Employees”

Working Remotely or Work From Home is both a boon and a challenge.

It’s an awesome opportunity, on one hand, to get things done, digitally collaborate and ensure things are done fast but the flip side is, you need to take care of a few things when you are doing the work remotely. Here is a quick list that you can share with your friends, clients and peers to ensure that their business continuity works perfectly with a planned and effective remote working and Work From Home options

1. Plan your Day Properly – Get up, dress up on time, and dedicate yourself to the working hours of the office as usual.

2. Have an Agenda For Calls and a Proper Call To Action – Share a job list with the team along with action deadlines, responsibilities and call to action

3. Follow up on Action Items at least twice a day with teams – Every day ensure all job lists are tracked and checked on the status and collaborate for action

4. Set Priorities Clear For The Day and Week – Set realistic goals for self and team to get things done and follow them.

5. Be Human – Everyone is fighting their own battles, make sure you are human to understand.

There are a whole lot of things that people can do especially employees at large when they are Work From Home (WFH) by ensuring that not only them but people around them also participate in the greater good as we face tough times ahead. A small step of doing creative things or contributing things at your levels is also good to start the ball rolling once the ball starts rolling of doing the greater good then we will be able to defeat unproductivity, boredom, loneliness and finally the #CoronaVirus.

Work From Home (WFH) gives us umpteen opportunities to ensure that things get done and at a faster pace. As a contributor, one has to keep in mind that we have the right means and willingness to get things done, rest is always a matter of planning them out. As shared in the 5 Awesome Tips To Work From Home the means and the willingness to get things done stay right on the top of it.

More than anyone this is our responsibility to support our family and loved ones, our beloved nation and our business objectives all at the same time with whatever little contributions that we can make in our work from home option.

We think the best part right now that everyone can do irrespective of where they stay and who they are in their professional lives is to follow or do the following things:


  • Inspire people
  • Ask them to stay indoors #SocialDistancing
  • Practice hygiene
  • Unlearn and Relearn
  • Support peers and family
  • Not to spread Fake News
  • Pray

We wish sincerely Godspeed success, safety and well being for everyone.

About the Author

Prasad Rajappan ImagePrasad Rajappan, a Production Engineer and an MBA (HR, Operations) from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, (NMIMS), is the founder and CEO of ZingHR. A visionary and thought leader, Prasad values his people and leads by example.

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